Extend your proposal and provide high-end user experience for business banking.

From corporations to small and medium companies, VeriTran empowers you to deploy a wide range of customizable digital solutions to suit different structures.


Salary payments stands out as one of the most important and complex processes for a company. Providing a differential and convenient service for this segment is a great challenge.

With VeriTran, your corporate users will:

  • Integrate authorization processes with approval roles and profiles.
  • Distribute salary payments.
  • Pay associated taxes.
  • Generate reports for decision-making.

Payment of Suppliers, Services and Taxes

Integrate the payment process of suppliers, services and taxes, both locally and globally, in a centralized way. With the flexibility to adapt to different authorization schemes, you can set up profiles, checkpoints, validation and approval processes, offering compliance with the requirements of each organization.

  • Accounts Payable – Suppliers.
  • Factoring, discounts and down payments.
  • Tax obligations.
  • Availability and cash flow planning.


Offer opportunities and value through different features allowing companies to manage their assets more effectively.

This module will allow your clients to:

  • Customize investment strategy.
  • Obtain financial information and projections of the cash flow available.
  • Invest in several assets such as shares, stocks and funds.
  • Reports of investment allocation and yields.

FX Trading

VeriTran features an integrated and friendly environment to focus on business opportunities to develop innovative business strategies, execute operations, plan the demand, monitor stocks and assess their activity.

Your company users can be informed and receive alerts as regards::

  • Letters of Credit for import / export.
  • Collection / Payments.
  • Financing Conditions.
  • Rules and Regulation.
  • Forms and Affidavit.

Cash Management

Allow your business users to access reports and banking features in real time, such as balance and account history, funds transfers, payment of loans, check deposits, among others.

  • Self-service operations management.
  • Global reports of account balances, transaction history, multi-currency and multi-country.
  • Profiles and contexts with different levels of authorization and visualization.
Alertas y Notificaciones

Alerts & Notifications

VeriTran allows your client to set up alerts through multiple channels and formats for commercial actions or regarding client security to meet the business/user preferences,
featuring answers and actions from the very message.

Customer onboarding

Customer Onboarding

Efficient sales management and onboarding of new clients.Transfor processes into digital from start to end. Onboarding, ID verification and contact validation, smoothly, conveniently and consistent with any digital strategy.

Integracon ERP

ERP’S Integration

Efficiency in the management of information between different platforms and management tools, ensuring an advanced connectivity for the secure and automated exchange of data.

Centro de documentacion

Documentation Center

The friendliest and most efficient way to manage documentation, integrated into banking management. Enables user access customized by profiles, signing agreements and contracts and document recording by digital scanning, among others.