VERITRAN is a company engaged in the provision of digital solutions as part of a commercial service portfolio aligned with a market which is diverse and demanding regarding quality guidelines and aspects. In the context of the protected granted to said commercial solutions, the executives of Veritran understand that the adoption and implementation of international models and standards vastly contribute to the ongoing improvement of services offered for the entire satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Pursuant to the foregoing, Veritran is certified under international ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standards. These good-practice guidelines set forth the responsibility for implementing and maintaining a Management System which is compliant to the principles on Service Quality and Information Security. These principles are met by Veritran under the following business policies:


Quality Policy

At Veritran, we believe in improving our clients’ business by making their customers’ lives better.

Through our Enterprise Low-Code platform, we speed up and simplify the development of future-proofed immersive digital channels that create a top-notch user experience.

We are innovation drivers serving companies worldwide, reaching millions of users, and running billions of secure transactions annually. We ensure that our services meet the requirements expected by our customers, in every country where we have operations, suppliers, partners and collaborators.

We are a company that is characterized by its great professionalism, considering it essential to understand quality as a fundamental tool to develop our activity. We will achieve the best results for our customers, society and all the people who are part of Veritran, through our Quality Management System based on the following purposes:

  • Continuous innovation: We foster an environment where innovative ideas are proposed in all areas of the company, where existing practices can be challenged, encouraging the co-creation of work, the contribution of value and disruptive innovation.
  • Service orientation: We focus on satisfying our customers’ needs, ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory and internal Management System requirements. We make Quality a basic element of the Company’s Culture, oriented towards the customer, developing a participative and collaborative management.
  • Transparency and communication: We comply with processes, providing access to information and maintaining open communication with all our stakeholders.
  • Process definition: We manage Business through a Process-based Management System. We are nurtured by expert and shared knowledge, fluid communication and constant training.
  • Work environment: We promote a work environment in which our employees generate initiatives for improvement and active innovation; where they work in a conscious, responsible, collaborative and empathetic manner.

We are committed to making resources available to disseminate and implement this policy at all levels of the organization, extending its scope to our employees, suppliers, partners, shareholders and customers.

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Information Security Policy

 Veritran implements an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to protect, preserve and administer the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information associated with its activities by managing the risks and implementing awareness programs and checks for the purpose of minimizing the probability of occurrence of security incidents and their impact, continuously revising and improving the ISMS and complying with the requirements related to information security and cybersecurity.

Andy Tran