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About the whitepaper

Almost overnight, banking operations as we knew them were interrupted in early 2020. Customer-filled branches were replaced by apps, and cash usage by digital wallets. The crisis generated by COVID-19 proved that banks, both large and small, must include the creation and/or improvement of digital channels in their strategy.

But what does it take to deploy a successful digital transformation strategy? Find out it in the first whitepaper released by Veritran and presented by SynergyLab: “Cracking the digital banking innovation code: UXTMSH”.


Table of Contents

1. Digital Transformation Is No Longer an Option

2. Understanding the Customer: The North Star of Innovation

3. Time to market: How to Create Digital Financial Experiencesin Record Time

4. Case Study: YOLO by Bantrab

5. Gone with the Pandemic

6. BONUS TRACK: Is Your BankReady for the Next Digital Revolution



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Andy Tran