The world requires the total digitalization of the financial industry. Users are increasingly demanding of the digital experiences offered by banks, and expect a friendly and frictionless journey.

The speed of technological development is crucial to keep up competitiveness. The challenge is to innovate and change rapidly to deliver top-notch experiences with the best time to market.

That’s why we created Veritran’s Digital Program, an initiative that aims to drive the digital transformation of FBA member institutions by promoting education and support throughout the technology space.

We make IT simple. Come be a part of the financial innovation revolution.


  • To create growth in financial institutions by promoting education and support in the technology space.
  • To encourage digital transformation across financial institutions.
  • To improve the technology in regional and community banks that have been operating with aged internal structures.
Educational Program

Financial Workshops

Complimentary workshops and seminars for your institutions’ employees aimed to accelerate the digital transformation mindset.


Packaged Solutions

Different combos of digital financial solutions created exclusively to respond to current user’s needs.

Educational Program | Financial Workshops

Find the perfect workshop for your institution to accelerate its digital transformation mindset:







Technology | Packaged Solutions

By implementing one of our financial digital solutions, your institution will make the most of the multiple benefits of our
Enterprise Low-Code Platform:

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