Cuenta DNI: A Turning Point In Banco Provincia’s History

Cuenta DNI

A Turning Point In Banco Provincia’s History

As a result of the sudden onset of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, financial inclusion became a matter of survival in Argentina. The Government was seeking to promote social distancing and, at the same time, needed to ensure distribution of the country’s Emergency Financial Assistance package (Ingreso Familiar de Emergencia, IFE) remotely to millions of people who were outside the banking system. And among people who, despite having access to banking services, did not use them. In April 2020, during the pandemic crisis, Cuenta DNI ─ Banco Provincia’s free digital wallet, developed through a collaboration with Veritran and Red Link ─ entered the market, and soon proved to be an innovative, much needed and highly successful solution for financial inclusion. Explore with us the development experience of the most downloaded financial application in Argentina in this paper.


Table of content

1. The Argentine Context: Barriers to Inclusion.
2. COVID-19, an Unprecedented Challenge.
3. Cuenta DNI, Technology for Inclusion.
4. UX: Architecture and Simplicity First.
5. Behind the Scenes: The Importance of Fine-tuned Technology.
6. Success Figures.
7. Key Milestones.
8. Using Technology to Drive Access to Banking Services.
9. A Path Toward Engaging with Users.

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