Banking To Go: How banks can adapt to a new era of financial services

Banking To Go

How banks can adapt to a new era of financial services

Financial services are changing as consumers’ lives grow more digitalized. When it comes to deciding where to place their savings, clients no longer compare banks but rather experiences, and have begun to evaluate institutions based on their value rather than their cost. Amid this step-change in consumers’ financial preferences, banks must aspire to be fully embedded in the user experience and to become invisible and omnipresent service providers, offering fast, secure and convenient solutions.

The following White Paper seeks to enlighten financial institutions regarding the future of banking, which is already here.


Table of Contents

Part 1: The New Face of Banking
  • What is the customer looking for? From cost comparison to value assessment
  • The key is in personalization… and in social media
  • The future is now: UX in digital channels
Part 2: Preparing for what´s next
  • The invisible and omnipresent bank
  • Partnerships: their importance and how to make them work
  • Integrating tools to minimize friction
Final remarks: Toward a new banking-customer relationship

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