About this solution

It simplifies and automates the processes of registering customers and managing access to digital channels, reducing costs and providing a better experience.


Our modular solutions are designed to provide the best user experience in a safe way, meeting your expectations and the regulatory requirements.

Digital Onboarding
Account Recovery
Back Office
Digital Onboarding

Create users securely, by registering and validating the person's critical data.

Captures, reads, and validates identification documents, with extensive global coverage.

Record the facial biometrics or “Facemap” of the person performing a life test and check that the Facemaps are not duplicated. In turn, you can validate personal data such as email and mobile phone, generate static credentials, integrate official entities to validate the identity, and connect with external databases to control people on blacklists.


Allows positive identification of your users with different secure and frictionless authentication mechanisms, according to each channel.

Account Recovery

Give your customers an agile, secure and 100% digital experience to regain access to the channel when they need it.


Allow your customers to self-manage their personal data, edit their authentication methods and configure preferences.

Back Office

It has a digital channel to facilitate the management of your collaborators, providing them with tools to assist customers properly and drive sales.

Which features are included?

- Check the list of users on every step of the onboarding process.

- Access user details, with valuable information from the Onboarding journey to identify opportunities that promote conversion.

- Manage users with fully secure processes and monitor their activity.

- Support your customers with valuable information whenever they need to.

Benefits of Onboarding & Digital Identity

AI Technology

Integrates a digital onboarding solution that uses certified AI technology to record and validate people's identity documents and biometric data.

Security and trust

Mitigate fraud and ensure the security of your entity throughout the customer journey.


Allow your customers to recover their accesses and self-manage their personal information at any time.


Give your users an omnichannel experience that allows them to move freely between Mobile and Web channels.

Customer analytics

It has valuable information based on analytics, to detect opportunities to improve user experience and promote commercial conversion.

Value Management

Invest your employees' time in valuable affairs by preventing them from performing high-risk operational tasks.

Quality partner ecosystem

You can count on our ecosystem of trusted partners to leverage your digital strategy.

The power of Onboarding & Digital Identity

Offer unique experiences to your customers.

Autonomy and security
Onboardings without borders
100% conversion
Verification according to rules
Geolocation as an ally
Autonomy and security

Our Login, Account Recovery and Profile solutions provide greater autonomy

and security to the user in managing their access to the channel,

promoting greater loyalty with simple experiences.

Onboardings without borders

Promote universal Onboarding for different segments and countries.

Design different flows based on business rules

thanks to our Business Rules Management service.

100% conversion

If users leave the Onboarding, encourage them to resume the registration process

through our Push Notifications service.

Verification according to rules

Validate the identity of your users using business rules, combining our Security Suite solutions

with our Business Rules Management service. Accordingly, you can configure the authentication

you need depending on the channel, profile and type of operation.

Geolocation as an ally

Detects possible fraud in a preventive way and/or carries out commercial actions

based on the user's geographical location.

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What is the main objective of the Onboarding & Digital Identity solution?

The main objective of the Onboarding & Digital Identity solution is to provide customers with a simple and secure omnichannel experience from the start, simplifying and automating the customer onboarding processes and access management to digital channels, reducing costs and improving the user experience.

What functionalities does the Onboarding & Digital Identity solution offer?

Onboarding & Digital Identity offers functionalities such as Digital Onboarding, Login, Account Recovery, Profile, and Back Office, to provide the best experience in user onboarding securely and meet regulatory expectations and requirements.

How does the Digital Onboarding process work?

The Digital Onboarding process securely creates users by registering and validating critical person data. It includes capturing, reading, and validating identification documents, registering facial biometrics or "Facemap" with proof of life, controlling Facemap duplication, validating personal data such as email and phone number, generating static credentials, integrating with official entities to validate identity, and connecting with external databases for controlling persons in blacklists.

What are the benefits of implementing the Onboarding & Digital Identity solution?

The benefits of implementing the Onboarding & Digital Identity solution include integrating AI technology, security and trust, self-management, omnichannel, customer analytics, investment in value management, and access to a quality partner ecosystem.

How does the Onboarding & Digital Identity solution provide autonomy and security to users?

The Onboarding & Digital Identity solution provides autonomy and security to users through its Login, Account Recovery, and Profile functionalities, which allow greater autonomy in channel access management and promote greater loyalty with simple and secure experiences.