Digital Wallet

Simplify the daily financial needs of your users by offering an innovative, agile and secure payments and collections experience 100% digital.


Payments offering that enhances your banking inclusion and cashless strategy.  


It can be a universal or segmented solution for specific user targets and for any industry or business need.


We ensure that your customers have an enriching user experience without losing their security and confidence in your payment solutions.

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According to Minsait, digital wallets and mobile payment solutions will occupy the first position at the top-of-mind of consumers in their daily payments in five years.


Learn about the benefits for users and financial institutions.

For the institution

For the end user

Benefits for the institution

It allows you to capture new customers and interesting segments that add value to your business.

Increase customer loyalty and reduce attrition rate.

Create new cross-sell and up-sell possibilities, leveraging the solution's analytics.

Reduction of your operational processes, allowing internal efficiency with a strong cost reduction.

Benefits for the end user

Fast, safe and frictionless experience.

Quick access to use your money anytime, anywhere.

Reduction of money loss and theft.

User-friendly visibility of your finances.

Provides a high degree of security.

Quick access to your product information and contact with the institution.

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Our wide range of modular payment and collection features allows you to adapt the Wallet to your business needs:

Credit cards
Collections / money request

Balance inquiry and uploading

Account requests


Credit cards

Credit card application

View details, transactions, consumptions, and statements

Card personalization

Temporary blocking

Travel management

Credit card payments

NFC payments

Virtual cards


Bill payment

Transport payments


Merchant payments with QR

Remote payment with push and link

On-site payments with ID-Token

Tap & pay

Split expense payments

Send money with dynamic and static QR

Payment with facial biometrics

Collections / money request

Money request with QR

Money request with push

Money request with link

Split expenses

Request money to contacts


Cardless ATM withdrawal

Cardless withdrawal at stores


Transfers between own and third-party accounts

Transfers between accounts in the country’s ecosystem

International transfers

Also, you can strengthen your Digital Wallet by adding

Product request

Smart Forms

Pre-approval process

Onboarding & Digital Identity

Onboarding digital


Account recovery and profile

Smart Data Analytic

Tracking of users by channel

Proactive reporting with business rules


Opening and Application



Smart Charts


For business



Loan origination


Credit application

Data analytics

User and application management


Contactless payments

Recurring payments

E-commerce payments

Third-party wallets

Personal Finance Management

Categorization of expenses

Category editing

Graphical display


Creation and customization

Pocket money loading

Sending money and payment

Tap to Phone

Card and wearables compatible

Transactional management

Security and encryption to protect data

Secure transactions

The power of Digital Wallet

Learn about featured use cases of our solution

Payments with Facial Biometrics
PFM | Personal Finance Manager
International transfers
Contactless payments NFC
Public transportation payments
Link & push payments
Split payments

Offer a unique experience for your customers to pay without any additional device or physical product, just with their face.

Biometric enrollment in the user channel

Collection in the merchant channel

BackOffice for audits and reports for the institution

Grow your business by providing your customers with personalized and valuable offers.

Leverages a user-friendly experience for visualization and management of financials.

Offer alternative experiences to manage money: allow the management of pockets to divide money by projects or savings purposes.

Stand out in the global payments market by providing worldwide payment experiences to your users.

It contains the following functions for the end user:

Device and card enrollment (proactive or reactive).

NFC activation

NFC payment

Functionality for the institution:

Card management (change, replenishment and deleted).​​

Become a strategic ally for your region and accompany your customers in every moment of their daily lives. Your customers will be able to pay for transportation in their city in seconds by simply reading the QR and approving the transaction, without friction.

It offers a wide range of collection and payment alternatives such as link and push.A fast collection alternative with extended information for your customers to make collections in physical stores.

Allow your customers to split and settle bills between a group of contacts, in equal or different amounts.For example, after a user pays a restaurant bill, he can quickly send a push notification to his group of friends to request money.

Quick and easy payment, no math required!

Increase your profitability

373% ROI

Take advantage of your users' valuable data and turn it into new business opportunities.


Mitigates transactional risks by offering secure and 100% virtual money management.

<6 months payback

Boost sales and higher customer conversion with improved service.


Reduces costs vs. physical/presential payment transactions.

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