Security Suite

Protect your company with multilevel cybersecurity solutions.
We deliver bank-grade secure digital solutions while placing the client at the center.


With omnichannel security solutions such as Biometrics, Soft-token, Document Validation and Credentials, we minimize fraud risk, while keeping customer engagement at a world level.

End-user benefits

Success Cases


50+ billion yearly secure transactions

Our technology is used by numerous banks around the world, reaching over 50 million users who securely execute more than 50 billion transactions per year.

Innovative and scalable authentication solutions​
Customers' identity verification at any time of the​ user journey​
Configuration of different authentication rules for each use case
Identity verification in face-to-face and digital scenarios.
Safety standards and security analysis

We protect bank applications and financial transactions from all types of cyberattacks. We are certified with the highest industry standards and provide cyber resilience consultancy services to shield digital channels.


Facial Identity

Secure 3D facial biometrics services to identify and validate the identity of users interacting with digital channels.

  • Liveness detection
  • Facial biometrics vs. ID photo
  • 1:1 and 1:N 3D Facemap comparisons
  • Prevent fraud through facial duplicity controls
  • Verify identity in face-to-face contexts

FaceID & TouchID

Integrate biometric authentication methods available in mobile applications when logging in and executing sensitive transactions.


Enables the recording of a guided video with a specific challenge such as answering a question or reading a text on the screen, and where it is requested to show the front and back of the person's identification document.


  • Generate and validate OTPs (one-time passwords) with a two-factor authentication service hosted on a specific mobile device
  • Authenticate a user or a specific transaction
  • Create innovative use cases: virtual cards, cash withdrawals, validate personal data, and much more

ID Validation

  • Capture data contained in IDs
  • Validate the authenticity of different documents worldwide, through anti-spoofing security checks
  • Integration with official services for identity validation


Create, validate and manage credentials such as user and password


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