About this solution

We provide robust security solutions to authenticate users and to protect applications and financial transactions from cyber attacks.


Our modular solutions are designed to provide the best strategy for authenticating operations on all your channels.

Facial Identity
ID Validation
Mobile Biometrics
Facial Identity

Integrates functions that include registration with facial biometrics, adding processes for proof of life of people, and biometric validation verified with ID documentation and photographs to prevent fraud and duplication of users.


Robust authentication service.

The soft token is hosted on a specific mobile device to provide OTPs -One Time Passwords-, which are used as a “something you have” authentication type.

ID Validation

Capture the data present in ID documents and verify their authenticity with mechanisms such as Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), NFC Chips, Barcodes, QR Codes, and more.

Mobile Biometrics

Use biometric validation features of mobile devices such as FaceID and TouchID, which are used as a “something you are” authentication type.

Take advantage of Mobile biometrics in login flows and approve transactions.


Create and manage static credentials such as “something you know” for use in flows that require simple authentication.


Enables the recording of a guided video with a specific challenge such as answering a question or reading a text on the screen, and where it is requested to show the front and back of the person's identification document.

Benefits of the Security Suite

Modular solutions

Our modular security solutions can be adapted to match the strategy and meet the needs of each customer.

Safety certifications

Rely on certified solutions with the highest industry standards.

Experts in Cyber-resilience

Innovate and stay calm by relying on our experience in cyber-resilience and a comprehensive suite of proven security solutions.

Protected Information

Guarantee your users the security of their information, money and transactions at all times.

The Power of the Security Suite

Offer unique experiences to your customers.

Multi-purpose authentication
Security on all your channels
Verification according to rules
Payments with facial biometrics
Multi-purpose authentication

Combine our robust suite of authentication solutions with configurable business rules

to protect your digital channels in use cases such as:

- Digital Onboarding

- Login

- Account Recovery

- Profile

- Monetary transactions

- Highly sensitive operations

Security on all your channels

Promotes security in operations that take place on other channels:

ATMs, access to safe deposit boxes, calls to the call center, etc.

Verification according to rules

Validate the identity of your users using business rules, combining our Security Suite solutions

with our Business Rules Management service. Accordingly, you can configure the authentication

you need depending on the channel, profile and type of operation.

Payments with facial biometrics

Provide innovative and secure payment experiences in stores, where customers

can pay with their facial biometrics, without using a device or physical product.

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What is the objective of the Security Suite solution?

The objective of the Security Suite solution is to protect businesses with multilevel cybersecurity solutions, innovate and scale the business without losing the security that the ecosystem needs, through user authentication and protection of financial applications and transactions.

What functionalities does the Security Suite solution offer?

The Security Suite solution offers functionalities such as Facial Identity, Soft-Token, ID Validation, Mobile Biometrics, Credentials, and Self-recording.

What benefits does the Facial Identity functionality provide in the Security Suite solution?

The Facial Identity functionality in the Security Suite solution integrates features that include registration with facial biometrics, proof of life processes for individuals, biometric validation contrasted with identity documents and photographs, which helps to prevent fraud and user duplication.

What are the benefits of modular solutions in the Security Suite?

Modular solutions in the Security Suite allow for adaptation to meet the strategy and need of each client, offering flexibility in the implementation and customization of security solutions.

In what use cases can Multi-purpose Authentication be applied in the Security Suite solution?

Multi-purpose Authentication in the Security Suite solution can be applied in use cases such as Digital Onboarding, Login, Account Recovery, Profile, Monetary Transactions, and High-Sensitivity Operations, combining authentication solutions with parameterizable business rules to secure digital channels.