Build and integrate a secure, scalable
and flexible payment ecosystem.

VeriTran offers a solution for different scenarios, technologies and devices, providing a response to both issuers of payment methods and acquiring networks.


The white label solution for the digital wallet implementation

Visa Token Service (VTS) Certified

MasterCard DigitalEnablement Service (MDES) Certified

Payments P2P


Users can send and receive cash from their mobile application through an email address or a mobile telephone number associated with a bank account, in a simple, fast and secure way.

Payments Pago en tiendas

Payment at stores

Be it by contact, a virtual card or scanning a bar code or QR, offer a secure payment feature at stores for purchases in person, making the checkout process easier and cutting down cash at selling points.

Payments Pago en lines

Online payment

The most convenient option to offer security for online products and services purchase?Set your clients’ mind at rest thanks to a versatile and friendly feature while they perform their online payment transactions without exposing sensitive information of their banking accounts and products.

Payments Pago in app

Pago in-App

A superior experience when making payments that adds to security and convenience. Integrate payment functionality to your e-commerce application, giving your customers simplicity and ease of use.

Acquiring Solutions

A comprehensive payment solution which enables processing networks and closed-loop payment schemes for acquiring features, back-office and points of sale management.

With VeriTran POS Manager your institution will be able to process payment transactions from any device and technology used:

  • POS terminal
  • Mobile App
  • On-line App
  • Mag stripe reading
  • NFC.
  • Bar codes or QR scan
  • Virtual cards (OTP)