A First-rate Experience to Create Experiences

VeriTran allows your institution to offer much more than just banking services. Through its Omni-channel platform, you can create differential experiences which evolve into long-term relations, new income opportunities and greater cost saving.

Your users will have access to a wide range of services through different digital channels, with a consistent and customized experience, prioritizing satisfaction of their needs in each point of contact.

Benefits for your entity

  • Cut down operative costs by having more transactions on digital channels.
  • Time-to-Market improvements regarding the launch of new products and services.
  • Opportunity of new channel to monetize a customized and direct sales strategy.
  • A single construction of features and look & feel, with the possibility of being deployed on all channels simultaneously and in a centralized way.
  • Control of flows and online processes, through a business online rule engine.
  • Robust and homogeneous security schemes based on dynamic passwords (OTP), achieving consistent and secure access and authentication mechanisms through different channels, placing the mobile as a central security tool.

User benefits

  • Live up to your clients’ service requirements anywhere and from any device.
  • Offers users the freedom to choose their favorite channel to solve their financial needs.
  • Provide users with a different and customized experience for each transaction, according to their preferences.
  • Maximize each point of contact, offering flexibility to manage their profiles and preferences, including notification options, favorite transactions, avatars, shortcuts, scheduled transfers, limits, among others.
  • Alerts and notifications set up.
  • Custom views and information panels.

Safety comes first

Our Security Suite allows you to define dynamic and multilevel security models, based on business rules and the risk associated to operations, bearing in mind user experience
always comes first.

Digital banking continues evolving at an exponential rate, as well as risks regarding its security, which threaten to beat current prevention strategies. While observing the banking industry, it is evident that the challenge today is to find an optimal balance between prevention without affecting excellence in user experience.

VeriTran, with its Security Suite, beats these challenges using the state-of-the-art technology as regards prevention and security methods, in lines with market standards, offering a holistic approach, based on multifactor schemes and placing mobiles as the key element for security.

Digital Onboarding

The application process for an account or any other banking product is strategic along the way towards the digital transformation in the industry, and it is also considered a great challenge given the regulatory and internal requirements of banking institutions.

VeriTran offers a comprehensive and secure solution, which meets current requirements and regulations and also transforms the origination process into a differential of value for users. Optimize your sales processes, generate more adoption of products, and improve your retention levels, starting and finishing them on the same channel they are being offered, smoothly and in a very simple way.

A high-end user experience from the very start.

Real-time notifications

As the trend goes towards operations focused on mobile phones, the banking and service industry had to redefine its strategy of interaction and communication with users.

The chance to provide relevant information to the user, in real time, proactively or in lines with parameters pre-set by users through an application that not only allows to
increase its use but that also favors adoption and brand preference for your institution.

They have also become a perfect complement for commercial and sales actions, as well as for security alerts.

  • Immediate.
  • They offer relevant information to the client, based on predefinitions and / or behavior analysis.
  • They are multiplatform, and can be received on multiple channels simultaneously.
  • They can be interactive and contain “call-to-action” strategies.
  • Combined with geolocation, they become a very powerful contextual marketing tool.

Location Based Services

Provide information about your service points and offices, send relevant information and proactive offers based on the user’s location, boost features of your digital channels. Geolocation allows you to create more robust authentication methods and avoid phishing cases and money laundering. Additionally, knowing the client location allows the banking application to offer broad user experience such as providing local information or discounts at nearby stores, maximizing results for commercial actions.

Our Platform

Get answers to complex questions right away, know every aspect of your business, competitors and customers, increase revenues, control costs and minimize risks, all these from a single platform.

  • Log Management: Diagnostics and Trouble Shooting tasks of the platform.
  • Detection of security events: SIEM.
  • Business Analytics: Business Information, Customer Behavior, portfolio evolution.