WHY Veritran?

Veritran is a company that revolutionizes digital transformation by building business applications for digital channels with unsurpassed user experiences. Our disruptive Low-Code platform allows us to create applications in record time, through a visual and intuitive model, taking advantage of accelerators pre-built by a global community, and without writing a single line of code.


Business critical applications are those that involve high transactionality and high user demand.

This requires robust, scalable platforms that can also be easily integrated with the institution’s legacy systems, in some cases even reducing the functionality of these transactional cores.

These applications are linked to the resolution of business problems with a high-quality experience for the end user and are, in most cases, part of a global digital transformation plan of the company.


The Host Interface has the ability to orchestrate the invocation of multiple services, from one or more external systems, in the resolution of a single transaction.

Integrations can be performed using industry standard protocols, such as SOAP WebServices, REST, JSON, ISO8583, and MQ Queues; and even by using proprietary protocols.

At VERITRAN we have developed 100% of our solution, without using third party licensed code and we own 100% of the source code. This gives us the power and capacity to adjust our solution, mainly our integration module, to make communication possible with any type of interface presented by our clients’ systems.

This same flexibility applies to cases in which the clients’ systems must send requirements to the VERITRAN platform.

Additionally, the system already has the integration through APIs with service and information providers, such as Google Push Notification APIs and iOS, Google Maps APIs, etc.


ISO 27001:2013

VERITRAN has an established and functional Information Security Management System (ISMS), which is certified under the international standard ISO 27001:2013.
Through the guidelines established in its policies and procedures, we develop activities aimed at:

    • The diligent and constant management of security and cyber security risks.
    • The strengthening of security controls over information assets and the application security process.
    • The awareness of information security and improvement of the operational resilience of the processes and company.


At VERITRAN we periodically perform security assessments of the mobile applications that make up our Low-Code platform under the international standard, Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) of the OWASP Foundation.Our mobile applications have reached the verification level of MASVS-L2+R, the highest standard. These evaluations are conducted by some of the most well-known independent international laboratories, in these matters.


VERITRAN’s Low-Code platform has been installed in multiple entities subject to compliance with the international payment card standard PCI DSS.
Due to its architecture and security design, which takes in to account the requirements of PCI DSS and other standards, the solutions built with the platform have been integrated without observation into the PCI DSS compliance programs of these entities.

Visa Ready for Tokenization

VERITRAN has been certified by Visa as a Token Requestor – Token Service Provider (TR-TSP), under the Visa Ready for Tokenization program, for the development of mobile wallet applications.
This certification requires tokenization solution providers to comply with very demanding security standards in their mobile applications, documented by Visa in the aforementioned program.


VERITRAN is ISO 9001 certified.

The development process of all components is carried out in accordance with the very highest quality and safety standards. For each new development White Box and Black Box tests of the generated code are performed, and each App is subjected to an exhaustive process of testing and homologation in previous environments prior to release.

The application of our Quality Management System aims to increase the efficiency of our deliverables, improving the satisfaction of our customers, and at the same time commits us as a company to achieve quality in each of our internal processes.

We assume the commitment to disseminate and implement this policy at all levels of our organization, extending its reach to our suppliers, customers, collaborators, partners, and shareholders.


VERITRAN makes use of secure software development practices in the construction of all components of our Low-Code platform, in accordance with industry standards.

Some examples of this are:  

  • Use of Source Code Management Systems.
  • Ethical Hacking.
  • Programming best practices such as:
    • Linting.
    • Coding standards.
    • Use of testing tools.
    • Obfuscation.

In addition, our company tests various devices and operating system (OS) versions to ensure the proper functioning of its applications.


We have a training process based on learning to build applications on our platform with the vision of a solution to a business need.

We have basic, intermediate, and advanced levels that will allow you to progressively acquire the necessary knowledge to exploit all the functionality of our platform.

Furthermore, we practice within a real-world environment to test your acquired knowledge.

 Each one of these different levels of learning will have several modules where you will have theory, practice, theoretical/practical exams, and a satisfaction survey that allows you to give us your feedback.

 With each level of learning you will acquire the knowledge necessary to build applications from start to finish developing the Back end and Front end (integrating services exposed by the Customer).

 At the completion of each level of learning you will receive a badge that enables you to move on to the next level.


Get in touch with us. Our team of Technical Consultants will be able to advise you throughout the development process of your next digital application.

Andy Tran