VeriTran Platform Editions

Services schemes, tailored to your business turnover. Start with free trial then grow and scale.


VeriTran Cloud

Test and learn

For 1 month or 100 users you can test our platform.


VeriTran Go

Build productive apps

Accelerate you development time and publish to stores.


VeriTran One

All your business needs

Our platform, prices and
features á la carte.

Compare available packs and select the best for your business

Development by Own development Own or access to certified professional
partner network
Own or access to certified professional
partner network
Development 1 mobile app As many as your bussiness need As many as your bussiness need
Enviroments 1 for development & testing 1 development & test
1 production development
As many as your bussiness need
Storage 10 GB 10 GB extensible
With option to add more
Monthly traffic 10 GB 10 GB extensible
With option to add more
Create app quickly with Veritran Marketplace
(permissions & roles)
1 developer 10 developer
With option to add more
As many as your bussiness need
Publish to Google Play and Apple Store
Technical support Email 24/7 24/7
Deployment options VeriTran Cloud VeriTran Cloud / Private Cloud VeriTran Cloud / Private Cloud /
Hybrid / On-premises

VeriTran Cloud

Users & Price Ratio

The more your business grows, the less you pay!

Total Users Price Per Month Additional User Cost
100 USD 500.00
USD 250.00
USD 4.00
USD 2.00
250 USD 1,100.00
USD 550.00
USD 3.40
USD 1.70
500 USD 1,950.00
USD 975.00
USD 2.89
USD 1.45
1,000 USD 3,395.00
USD 1,697.50
USD 2.46
USD 1.23
2,500 USD 7,080.50
USD 3,540.25
USD 2.09
USD 1.05
5,000 USD 12,300.50
USD 6,150.25
USD 1.78
USD 0.89
10,000 USD 21,175.50
USD 10,587.75
USD 1.51
USD 0.76
25,000 USD 43,810.50
USD 21,905.25
USD 1.29
USD 0.65
50,000 USD 75,885.50
USD 37,942.75
USD 1.10
USD 0.55
100,000 USD 130,435.50
USD 65,217.75
USD 0.93
USD 0.47

For more tan 250,000 active users, please ask for personal assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Free Trial actually free?

Yes. The Free Trial period is totally free.
We will ask you to add a credit card in the first 72 hours after registering to the platform, no charges are applied until the end of the Free Trial period.
You can cancel your subscription to the VeriTran Platform along with the templates and components at any given time and free of charge.
We will send you a reminder by mail 7 days before the Free Trial expires and charges will automatically be applied when this period is over.

Which is the pricing model for VeriTran Platform?

It´s a Subscription-based Pricing model

How the price to pay is determined?

The Price is determined by the number of active users in a production environment, regards the folowing details:
Subscriptions up to 100 users will pay a fixed price for each application.
Subscriptions over 100 users will pay regards active users for each application.
Pricing is base on active users bands. Each band has also a pricing for aditional users if you exceed the máximum quantity of users covered.
Example: for 255 active users you will pay the pricing for 250 users band and an additional for each user over 250.
Note to consider:
Final price = platform pricing fee + active users x each component subscribed at VeriTran Marketplace.

How can I keep count of active users on my app?

Active users are those that have performed, at least, 1 transaction with your application on the last 12 months.

How can I keep track of active users in my applications?

VeriTran Platform generates daily reports with the number of active users in your application, which you can check in your user account.

How much do I have to pay while my application is under construction and not yet productive?

You only have to pay for the use of the platform, the band of up to 100 users of the basic plan.

If I decided to cancel my subscription to the platform, for how long should I continue paying?

You will pay untill the day of cancellation, regards Terms and Conditions specifications. You will just have to cancel the last period billed before cancellation.