VeriTran announce its expansion to the Brazil market aiming to accelerate the development of digital applications with its Low-Code platform

Through disruptive innovation in the face of the new normal, the company will contribute to the digital transformation of multiple industries in the country

Sao Paulo, June 2020 – VeriTran, a leading global Low-Code platform provider, today announced its official business expansion into Brazil, with the opening of its São Paulo offices. Brazil is one of the markets in Latin America where digital transformation has become one the main focus of companies, making VeriTran a key player in the region.

“Digital transformation has become a necessity for several industries in today’s world,” said Wagner Gomes Martin, Director of Business Development for VeriTran in Brazil. “Today, the needs of consumers require for companies of any size and sector to have innovative digital channels that meet the demands of those users who want to better their digital experience. Digitization is here to stay and VeriTran can contribute to this process with its unique and secure platform, making the transition into digital transformation faster for all types of companies”.

Moreover, VeriTran has offices throughout the world in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and the United States. The company decided to invest in Brazil, being this the region in Latin America that continues accelerating and driving the integration of emerging technologies and stays at the vanguard of innovation within the technology industry.

The company, which in 2019 had a 40% year-on-year turnover growth and has more than 250 employees worldwide, provides an innovative Low-Code platform that accelerates and simplifies the development of digital business applications for multiple industries. Companies in the banking, payment, healthcare, insurance and public sector will now be able to develop their digital channels in a matter of weeks and drive digital transformation with disruptive innovation in the face of new normal given by the COVID-19 pandemic.

VeriTran’s Low-Code platform is used by more than 50 companies worldwide, reaching more than 15 million users who safely run more than 10 billion transactions annually.

“Brazil is a very important market for us, with great potential for development when it comes to digital transformation. We are very pleased to be able to support the growth and digital inclusion in the country. The challenge is immense; however, we have the technology, the innovation, the professionals and the experience needed to successfully overcome any obstacle we might face,” concluded Gomes Martin

About VeriTran

VeriTran is a global company that speeds up and simplifies business application development through its Low-Code Platform.

Focused on driving digital transformation, the company integrates exponential technologies into legacy systems, improving deployment times and delivery costs without writing a single line of code.

VeriTran’s Low-Code Platform is used by more than 50 clients, reaching more than 15 million users who safely run more than 10 billion transactions annually.

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