Transform your digital banking into a differential and customized user experience.

Promote the adoption of new channels and optimize attention models. VeriTran delivers new digital capabilities to current features and meets customers’ needs according to their preferences.

My account status

Set configurable dashboards for each user profile and different portfolios, displaying relevant product information and transactions in a crystal-clear and friendly way.

  • Centralized Omni-channel Set Up: Preferences of defined views, available on- screen for all devices.
  • Differential design by segmentation (look & feel) and features available by portfolio or group of clients.
  • Full user views customization from the information panel setup: Balances, Accounts and Products, Transferences, Last Transactions, Investments, Favorite Transactions, among others.

Digital onboarding

Leverage your client origination strategy. Through a 100% online and self-management process, new clients can fill out their registration and current clients can also acquire new products, all these on a digital channel from start to end.


  • ID validation.
  • Verification through biometrics.
  • Process status follow-up.
  • Confirmation by alerts and notifications.

Alerts & Notifications

Set up rules to send alerts and notifications to different user profiles meeting your commercial objectives, set answers and actions, achieving direct and customized communication.

Allow your clients to set up subscription preferences and/or security notifications and alerts in lines with your business rules, through multiple channels and formats, allowing
answers and actions from the very message.

Credits and Loans

Make your digital banking an effective sales channel to identify the needs and preferences of each user proactively, in order to offer customized products and services in real time.

Build product components for simulation, quoting and projections of different banking products, also initializing their application and granting.

  • Credits and loans.
  • Investments.
  • Financing.

Cardless Cash Withdrawals

Offer the best value to your clients, providing them with the feature of obtain cash from an ATM without a physical card. Boost their convenience and cut down fraud risk by skimming.

Through an advanced authentication scheme, users can pre-order money through their digital bank (online or mobile), and later draw money from an ATM using a dynamic one-time password (OTP).

Virtual Banking Assistant

Make your clients’ interaction with their digital banking become a true experience of high-end usage.

Virtual Banking Assistant invites you to combine Artificial Intelligence with Voice Recognition, creating a personal assistant that will be able to answer requests, advise and operate according to the queries from users and their behavior, with a simple order in your natural language, just exactly as a human assistant would do.

Security and Convenience

The pros of a secure digital banking without losing focus on user experience.

  • Multi-factor authentication based on biometrics, static and dynamic credentials.
  • Information integrity through digital signatures of each transaction.
  • Privacy in data transfer and storage, using end-to- end encryption methods.
  • Audit of Transactions.
  • Protection against phishing, man in the middle, mobile threats, among others.

Bill Payments

Add more features to your digital banking. Through Bill Payment you can unify all your clients’ operations in one single channel in an optimized way.

  • Register and cancel services.
  • Scanning of invoices (QR, barcodes).
  • Bills payable on-screen.
  • Voucher repository.
  • Payment schedule of Automatic debits.
  • Alerts and notifications.
  • Improvements in back office processes.


Obtain relevant information quickly and friendly.

  • Location of branches and ATMs.
  • Correspondents.
  • Places of interest.
  • Navigation function.

Mobile Payments

Build secure payment ecosystems, resolving both the issuing and the acquiring operations.

Supports multiple devices and technologies:

  • QR.
  • Barcodes.
  • OTP / Virtual Card.
  • NFC.

Message Center

Integrate a secure communication module with your clients featuring:

  • Sending and receiving direct messages from your customer service center.
  • Open cases follow-up.
  • Integration with customer service platforms.