About Us

We are a Latin American private-fund company, founded in 2005 in Buenos Aires city, developing an innovative and secure digital banking platform focused on facilitating a direct relationship with users.
Over the years, we have been materializing projects with large Latin American banks, thus achieving sustainable and profitable growth. We are currently present in several countries, with projects that process over 6 billion annual transactions. Today, at VeriTran we continue to consolidate ourselves as pioneers, leaders and innovators; focused on developing channels that strengthen the relationship and feelings of satisfaction, loyalty and confidence of customers towards their bank.

Our Team

We have a highly specialized and multidisciplinary work team that, with its knowledge, creativity and innovation, has turned the company into a benchmark in the sector.

We work to provide the best attention to the requirements of our customers quickly and effectively. With a focus on continuous innovation and a business-oriented vision, we manage agile changes at any time in the life cycle of a project to the needs of our customers.

We have the ability to provide consulting and support globally thanks to our Development and Implementation Center located in the city of Pereira in Colombia and offices in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima, Miami and Santiago de Chile, ensuring compliance of the highest quality standards and capitalizing on the experience acquired in projects already implemented.

Banks that Rely on our Platform

Our digital banking and payments solutions are used by all types of banks to meet the changing expectations of their customers in multiple service channels.

Private and public banks around the world trust us and choose us to help them build the force of change necessary to achieve digital transformation.


Our Alliances

At VeriTran, we believe that a business model based on collaboration is fundamental to complement and extend our offer of solutions. That is why our technology and fintech partners have a key role to develop, integrate and promote digital banking experiences and innovative, agile, robust payments that improve the experience of our customers in a 100% digital world.