VeriTran Studio

Building complex applications is surprising easy, fast, and fun!
Then manage them right from your Studio!


Create digital experiences users will love, with a drag-and-drop interface and WYSIWYG functionality! Designer, our visual building tool, enables developers to create, integrate and extend multi-device apps without coding.

Using application templates, features templates and a wide range of components and third-party services from VeriTran Marketplace, you will have everything you need to meet all business needs, in record time, with just a few clicks.

Business strategy management

Develop more engaging and personalized experiences for your customers. Based on data collection and rules automation by user, group of users, or segments we help deliver a successful strategy for your business. Through our central business rules management we optimize their reusability across all applications.

Profiling and Segmentation

AB Testing / Customer Journey

Marketing Campaigns

Analytics & Reports

Up-selling / Cross-selling Campaigns

App set-up and backoffice

With an interface that is simple, user-friendly—and above all, entirely customizable—you can manage and synchronize all the application content and data you need.

Teams and role management

Empowers teams of developers and non-experts alike to collaborate more easily and deliver better quality and tighter iterations through streamlined, continuous-delivery workflows.

Messaging and Notifications Center

Database for Information Services

Media Files Management

Management and Administration of User Profiles

Set Up Roles and Permissions

DevOps Philosophy Throughout the Entire Development Lifecycle