A new way to manage money

VeriTran Wallet comprises a tested, robust and scalable wallet solution, customizable for several digital payment schemes, loyalty system and programs of discounts and coupons.
This white label solution is 100% customizable and enables financial institutions, retailers, payment service providers or any other transactional business to provide their clients with a differential experience for each interaction, favoring adoption and brand preference.

Visa Token Service (VTS) Certified

MasterCard DigitalEnablement Service (MDES) Certified

Convenient and applicable for a wide range of uses that include:

  • Replacement of cash to make general payments, including either P2P or P2B, domestic as well as international*.
  • Micropayments in physical or online stores, transportation, self-service terminals.
  • Pre-paid accounts for travel and entertainment expenses (T&E), monthly payments and others.
  • Payments in closed user schemes, such as educational, social or sports institutions.
  • Automation of loyalty programs and discount coupons.

*In accordance with the availability of operations in the country of origin and destination.

Associated Platform Services

Wallet_Bo imetria


Integration of state-of-the-art technology based on biometrics to validate payment and transfer operations from a mobile application, either by facial, voice or fingerprint recognition.

Wallet_On boarding


The client identification and registration features biometrics for facial recognition, as well as the capture of official ID documents, for an adequate applicant data validation, making the application of financial products and services a digital experience all through.

Alertas y Notificaciones

Alerts and Notifications

The opportunity to provide relevant information to the user, in real time, proactively or according to parameters predefined by users, through an application that not only allows to increase its use but that also favors adoption and brand preference.


Advanced Security

Through our Security module, we beats these challenges using the state-of-the-art technology as regards prevention and security methods, in lines with market standards, offering a holistic approach, based on multifactor schemes and placing mobiles as the key element for security. Define dynamic and multilevel security models, based on business rules and the risk associated to operations, bearing in mind user experience always comes first.