Conversations with experts sharing experiences about
new Digital Tranformation challenges


Business Agility: No Longer a Competitive Advantage in
a Digital World, but a Matter of Survival

IDC Webinars
Sponsored by VeriTran. Presented by:

Jorge Gomez
Director of Enterprise Solutions at IDC

Omar Arab
EVP Corporate Business at VeriTran

• Agility: How to respond fast and efficient to changes in the environment. Facing the current Covid-19 crisis.

• The need for fast and deep paced changes in business processes and supporting applications.

• The organizations needs to reflect the changes in their current business processes and supporting applications

•  Low-Code: An excellent technology tool to adjust business applications to this fast paced changes.

How to build a business app in 7 minutes with Low-Code?

Presented by:

Greynier Fuentes
VP Digital Solutions at VeriTran

• Creating an app from scratch with VeriTran Studio

• Drag, Drop & Run

Past Webinars

Customer Experience Comes First

Presented by:

Omar Arab
EVP Corporate Business at VeriTran

Greynier Fuentes
VP Digital Solutions at VeriTran

George Levy
Chief, Learning Officer at
Blockchain Institute of Technology

Ola Henfridsson
Professor of Business Technology
at Miami Herbert Business School

Banking Transformation:
The Next Journey

• Key drivers for digital transformation
• Google and Apple : not banks?
• Define exponential technologies in the roadmap: Al

Tokenization: The Road Ahead

• Tokenization Fundamentals
• What has Tokenization come to resolve
• The ultimate benefits of Tokenization

The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Financial Services

• Real Blockchain use cases in the financial industry.
• Cryptocurrency and financial disruptive innovation.
• Can stablecoins like Libra and JPMCoin be the future of money?

Creating a Digital Mindset for Banking:

• Consumers: banking but not banks
• Outside-in thinking for customer focus
• Agility in service innovation and delivery
• Flexible platforms for renewal and parterning

The beginning of the end of cash?

Sponsored by Colombia Fintech.
Presented by:

Marcelo González
Founder & CEO at VeriTran

Marcelo Fondacaro
COO at VeriTran

•  Digital payments vs. traditional payments

• No more plastic, papers and bacteria

• The invisible, instant payment

• 360° Financial Digital Ecosystem: Utopia or reality?

Digital Transformation: People First

Presented by:

Michel Caputi
CEO of Bantrab

Omar Arab
EVP Corporate Business at VeriTran

• People first: Changing the traditional mentality and behavior

•  Building a Digital Bank: How to reach the dream of being 100% digital

• Exponential technologies in the financial industry

• Fireside Chat: The challenge of leading teams on smooth transition into the digital future

Digital Transformation using Low-Code

Presented by:

Jason Bloomberg
IT Industry Analyst
Author: Low-Code for Dummies

Greynier Fuentes
VP Digital Solutions
at VeriTran

• Why enterprises must build better software faster

• The differentiated value
of Low-Code

• How Low-Code
support innovation

• Low-Code, Digital Transformation

& Banking

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• UX in the Financial Industry:
  Building Experiences Customers Love
• Inclusive Finance
• Disruption in Financial Services