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Lead innovative and intuitive experiences on all your digital channels with a strategic partner that understands the needs and allows you to quickly improve the business of your customers and your Bank.


Our modular solutions are designed to provide the best digital transformation strategy and add value to the segments of your Business Banking.

Liquidity Management
Cash Management
Financing and Investments
Profiles Module
Authorizations Module
Onboarding and Digital Identity
Back Office
Economic Group
Push Notifications
Liquidity Management

Simplifies the control, reconciliation, and optimization of corporate liquidity through screens with consolidated views of account balances.

Provides valuable reports with powerful filters and graphs to aid decision-making.

Notifies important news and allows you to view and download valuable and relevant account information.

Cash Management

Create unified and intuitive experiences in loading, consulting, and approving Cash Management operations locally and internationally.

Improve the experience of loading high-volume lists, with agile processes that minimize unintentional errors.

Financing and Investments

Promote the acquisition of financing and investment products with end-to-end digital processes, add business rules to model flows, and request supporting documentation.

Allow tailored-made or segmental quotes, and authenticates with maximum security.

Profiles Module

Control the access of Business employees through profiling, configuring the permissions of each user by product, action (consultation, upload, and authorization), and setting transactional limits.

Manage changes approval to the Module based on the Bank's policy and the needs of each Company.

Authorizations Module

Supports approval of multiple transactions with single or joint scheme types. Allows visibility of approval progress to participating users.

Onboarding and Digital Identity

Allows the registration of Companies and their users in a 100% digital way, with a secure and frictionless process that adapts to the Bank's policy.

With 100% digital onboarding, it avoids or minimizes the Bank's intervention in the registration process, and accesses all the information of completed or not completed processes from the Back Office.

Back Office

Digital channel that facilitates the Bank's management.

Give your employees the tools they need to serve customers well and drive sales.

Economic Group

Link and manage companies within an economic group.

Allows Companies to manage user permissions in a fast and secure way, check information in a consolidated way and approve multi-company operations.


Securely authenticate users at all times, from login to monetary transaction approval.

Lean on our suite of innovative and scalable Solutions, and design your own business rules in each flow and channel to provide maximum security with the best user experience.

Push Notifications

Connect with your customers to assist them in their operations and drive sales.

Notify transactions pending signature and report updates on successful or failed transactions.

Benefits of Business Banking

Omnichannel experience

Optimizes business management according to the type of device and the user's context.

Develop the Value Chain

Enhance business opportunities with attractive proposals for Business communities: customers, employees, and suppliers.

Efficiency in building

Improve project times with our pre-built, flexible templates designed by Business Banking experts.

Value analytics

Exploit valuable information about your customers through channel analytics, detecting opportunities for evolving your offer and commercial conversion.

Value Management

Invest your employees' time in valuable affairs by preventing them from performing high-risk operational tasks.

Quality partner ecosystem

You can count on our ecosystem of trusted partners to leverage your digital strategy.

Maximize profitability

Improve the profitability of your business by implementing solutions with optimal time-to-market and an extremely beneficial ROI.

The Power of Business Banking

Offer unique experiences to your customers.

100% digital requests
User onboarding Company
Frictionless approvals
100% digital requests

Provides robust products with agile and secure processes in which the bank

can intervene when they require monitoring or quotation.

Allows the uploading of valuable documentation, and integrates fraud prevention

or risk analysis solutions into the process.

Provides evidence to support audits, claims or litigation.

User onboarding Company

Promotes the secure registration of Business Banking users through a 100% digital onboarding

that includes data registration, identity document verification, biometric data validation,

and integration with official entities.

Allows the profiling of users by Business Administrators from the Enabling Module.

Frictionless approvals

Improves the approval process for pending transactions through the use of push notifications

to signatories, and an authorization tray with value filters.

Secure authentication mechanisms on a channel-by-channel basis.

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What is the main objective of the Business Banking solution?

The main objective of the Business Banking solution is to continuously innovate, ensuring the best usability, security, and efficiency practices in business management processes, and leading innovative and intuitive experiences across all digital channels.

What functionalities does the Business Banking solution offer?

Business Banking offers functionalities such as Liquidity Management, Cash Management, Financing and Investments, Profiles Module, Authorizations Module, Onboarding and Digital Identity, Back Office, Economic Group, Security, and Push Notifications.

How does the Liquidity Management functionality help in the Business Banking solution?

The Liquidity Management functionality in the Business Banking solution simplifies the control, reconciliation, and optimization of business liquidity through consolidated account balance views screens, value reports with filters and powerful graphics for decision making, and important news notifications with consultation and download of relevant information about accounts.

What are the benefits of implementing the Business Banking solution?

The benefits of implementing the Business Banking solution include optimizing the omnichannel experience, developing the value chain, efficiency in construction, value analytics, investment in value management, access to a quality partner ecosystem, and maximizing business profitability.

How do 100% digital Requests work in the Business Banking solution?

100% digital Requests in the Business Banking solution allow for robust products to be granted with agile and secure processes, in which the bank can intervene when supervision or quotation is required. They also allow for the upload of valuable documentation, the integration of fraud prevention or risk analysis solutions within the process, and have supporting evidence for audits, claims, or litigation.