Onboarding & Digital Identity

Connect with your customers from the first contact simply, safely, and securely.
Onboard new 100% digital users in a matter of minutes, using the latest technology in enrollment and validation of identity documents and biometric data.​


We offer an intuitive, secure, and seamless journey that allows your users to better manage their access to digital channels and configure preferences throughout their lifecycles.​

End-user benefits

Success Cases


20+ million onboarding worldwide

We have performed more than 20 million remote and 100% digital onboardings with no false positives.

100% secure experiences with certified and tested solutions
Global onboarding experience, supporting more than 190 countries
Traceability of the onboarding process for you and your customers
Reuse biometrics for sensitive use cases

Our solution simplifies and automates the processes of registering customers and managing access to digital channels, reducing costs, meeting regulatory requirements, and providing a better fully unified experience.

How it works

1. Tutorial

Include a brief tutorial to show your users how easy and quick the digital registration process will be.

2. Preview of steps

List the steps that your users need to follow to successfully complete the process in just a few minutes.

3. Terms and conditions

  • Customer consent is obtained for the T&C of the bank's value proposition
  • Privacy Policy may be included in this step or in a subsequent one to obtain the customer's consent by the Habeas Data regulation

4. ID capture and validation

  • ID capture: front and back
  • Data retrieval by OCR reading
  • Validation of document authenticity
  • Possible validation with PLD - KYC systems, credit bureau, or blacklists available to the bank

5. Facial biometrics enrollment

  • Proof of life
  • 3D facial biometrics registration
  • Comparison of Facial Biometrics vs. ID photo
  • Facemaps duplicity control
  • ID validation + biometric data vs. National Registry Verification Service

6. Email/Mobile Capture/Validation

This step can be repeated if you wish to request both data (email and cell phone)

  • Registration of personal data
  • Sending of OTC by the corresponding means (email or SMS/Whatsapp)
  • OTC entry and validation

7. Credentials creation

Authentication factor in line with the regulation.

Additional modules

An end-to-end proposal to offer the best experience

Login & Account Recovery:

These modules are designed to provide easy access to the channels. Offer a secure Login using facial biometrics, fingerprint, and soft-token authentication. At the same time, provide a secure account recovery process, where facial biometrics are compared to the record obtained during the onboarding process.


Enable your users to manage their access to the channel through the Profile module. Let them update personal data, make security configurations, set their preferences (e.g.: select the language and favorite operations on the landing page) and consult information on your privacy policy.


Our Back-Office is a web application that provides updated information on Onboarding activity, Login, Account Recovery, and Profile changes, giving you total control over access to the channel. ​ Gain valuable user information to better support your customer's access issues and encourage business relationship opportunities.

Reusing Biometrics:

Enhance your customers' ability to perform multiple operations seamlessly and with a superior user experience by utilizing their biometrics registered during the onboarding process as a method of approval. This enables them to accept terms and conditions, enroll in new products, and authorize monetary transactions and investments through facial recognition.

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