A solution that facilitates creating and managing a payments ecosystem capable of adapting to any business, generating profitability by simplifying daily financial operations.


Our solution is scalable and adaptable to all stages of the business lifecycle, enabling secure, fast, and efficient payment processing.

End-user benefits

Success Cases


Cuenta DNI Merchants, nominated for the Banking Tech Awards 2023

"The app has more than 80 thousand adhered merchants, accepts payments from any digital wallet, and is 100% interoperable, as stipulated by the Transfers 3.0 initiative promoted by the Central Bank."

Multiple payment alternatives
User administration and management for employees
Friendly visibility of business finances
Experiences that adapt to the lifecycle of each business
Business Finance Management

Our scalable solution enables you to collect payments, manage operations, obtain tax withholding receipts, manage user profiles, and quickly and easily visualize consolidated sales:



  • Account information, balances, movements, and statements
  • Cash in
  • Personalization
  • New account application


  • Between own and third-party accounts
  • Between accounts in the country's ecosystem
  • International transfers


  • Bill payment
  • Recharges
  • Payments with QR
  • Remote payment with push
  • Remote payment with link

Payment collections

  • Charge with QR
  • Charge with push
  • Charge with link
  • Request money to contacts (P2P/C2P/C2C)
  • Charge with NFC
  • Charge with Facial Biometrics
  • Charge with ID Token
  • Charge with mPOS, SmartPOS

Cash withdrawal

  • Cardless ATM withdrawal
  • Cardless withdrawal at stores

Merchants management

  • User management (employees)
  • Roles and permissions management
  • Management of points of sales and terminals (cashiers)

Sales reports

  • Detail reports by points of sale and by employee
  • Returns

Also, you can strengthen your Merchants ecosystem by adding:

Product request

  • Product Request
  • Smart Forms
  • Pre-approval process

Onboarding & Digital Identity

  • Digital Onboarding
  • Login
  • Account recovery
  • Profile

Smart Data Analytic

  • Tracking of users by channel
  • Proactive reporting with business rules


  • For business
  • Transactional
  • Security


  • Opening and application
  • Inquiries
  • Reports
  • Smart charts

Loan origination

  • Pre-approved loans
  • Credit application
  • Data analytics
  • User and application management


  • Contactless payments
  • Recurring payments
  • E-commerce payments
  • Third-party wallets


  • A/B/M of stores
  • Users and roles
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Onboarding management
  • Reporting

Personal Finance Management

  • Categorization of expenses
  • Category editing
  • User-friendly graphical display


  • Creation and customization of pockets
  • Money transfer
  • Payments

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