Huawei Cloud: Strategic Partner of Veritran

Huawei Cloud

Our leadership in developing business solutions with the best time-to-market coupled with HUAWEI CLOUD's track record in cloud hosting, deployment and integration creates an unparalleled, key option for companies looking for constant product innovation.

Introducing the first integrated offering of business solutions hosted in the cloud.
This alliance provides financial institutions with a unique and innovative value proposition that drives the acceleration of their digital transformation.

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Benefits of using our Huawei Cloud solutions

Data sovereignty

It allows financial institutions to maintain sovereignty over their customer data and transaction information.


Promotes the modernization of the banking infrastructure in a fast and secure manner.

Avoid risks

It avoids IT risks that exist when having on premise systems.

Frictionless and agile UX

Promotes agile and frictionless digital experiences focused on the user experience.


Enables scalability of upgrades in a cost-effective and cost-reducing manner.

New opportunities

It drives new efficiencies and increases opportunities in an era of simple, customized and secure products.

+200 Cloud Services: from Infrastructure to Big Data Analysis Services.

HUAWEI CLOUD offers a wide range of computing, storage, database, analytics, application and deployment services through which customers can quickly obtain resources (virtual servers and physical servers).

HUAWEI CLOUD's data centers in Mexico allow data to be hosted locally so that the information does not leave the country and have HUAWEI's privacy and security certificates.

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