Low-Code: The secret of launching an App in weeks (not months)

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Low-code development is a fast-growing trend in software creation that allows businesses to roll-out apps, and upgrades, with unprecedented speed

Low-code development is a form of software creation that allows you to create apps with few traditional programming skills. But that is just the ‘packaging’ of everything it offers.

For starters, the main attraction of low-code development is that it provides an automatic code generation environment; that means you don’t need to have programming expertise to understand how it works.

In fact, thanks to its visual interface and drag and drop configuration, launching an application is much more friendly, powerful and versatile than in the past. These are important qualities in today’s digital era.

Low-code development is a key tool for companies making a foray into digital transformation. Gone are the days when talking about programming was synonymous with code, time and money. With low-code development, the work is the opposite.


For companies that are migrating to digital spaces, low-code platforms allow the business to focus on the user and the product - and less on the infrastructure itself.

This is not the end of development teams: it is often necessary to add additional codes for specific situations or requirements, so having a development area will be very useful. But the low-code platform does the heavy lifting.

"Low-code platforms allow all types of professionals without programming knowledge, closer to the business, to be involved in developing digital applications with multiple functionalities without depending on the code," explains Marcelo Fondacaro, COO of VeriTran.

Low-code development tools foster a collaborative ecosystem where business experts, developers, and technology specialists can work together.  Specialists from across the business come together to understand and meet the needs of the user, as well as to create a product with differentiated value in the market.

Launching an application in weeks - and not months - is a smart play. The fast turn-around time applies not just for new apps, but also for adding new features or upgrading existing ones.

"The possibility of upgrading and bringing in new features constantly, can only be achieved with a low-code platform,” says Fondacaro. “The traditional method where you have to program takes much, much longer.”

It is worth considering that the development time alone for an app – before the final model and customization of the product - could take 80% of the total work period. Low-code seeks to reduce that development time, thereby giving greater priority to other aspects of app production.


Low-code platforms make app maintenance highly practical and offer an easy ability to adapt to changes in the future. They also have advantages by keeping information housed in a data system that allows for analysis and processing control.

Additionally, and critically, companies that take advantage of low-code development tools have a competitive advantage over their rivals, because they can bring new ideas to market very quickly.

At VeriTran we have enabled the digital transformation strategy of multiple companies around the world, allowing more than 15 million users to take advantage of this democratization of technology through practical, and disruptive tools.

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